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BRS is an experienced and reputable value adding service delivery specialist operating within the South African Road Reserve. We are dedicated to becoming leaders in Road Sign Manufacturing and Road Marking.

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Elevation of road safety is our primary concern. We work tirelessly to develop practical and innovative projects and strategies that promote the safety and wellbeing of our employees, investment communities and everyone impacted by our services and operations.


BRS’s continuous research and industry expertise enables us to set national standards and stay updated with international trends. Our innovative team is driven by the ideal of elevating road safety through the process of employing high quality and durable road marking and signage standards.


All of our operations and strategies are underpinned by quality. We are dedicated to providing high-calibre service, an ideal that is recognised and acknowledged by our Clients and Stakeholders.


We are dedicated to putting the client first, an ideal that extends above and beyond high quality service delivery. We are determined to elevate ease of business and focus on providing consistent reliability.

BRS Road Services

Elevated Visibility and Road Safety


BRS is serious about meeting and exceeding client expectations, manufacturing traffic signage of the highest quality. Our extensive product range and specialised disciplines enable us to focus on the full scope of road traffic signage.


Road Marking is a vital element of modern road infrastructure, playing an essential role in regulating traffic, providing visual guidance and alerting drivers to potential hazards. Our road marking services are underpinned by quality and efficiency, with special attention given to visibility and recognisability.

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