Road Markings

Road Marking is a vital element of modern road infrastructure, playing an essential role in regulating traffic, providing visual guidance and alerting drivers to potential hazards.

Our road marking services are underpinned by quality and efficiency. We pay special attention to visibility and recognisability – focusing on both daytime and night-time functionalities.

Our extensive experience and comprehensive equipment allows us to provide a full scope and wide range of road marking solutions. We are geared towards meeting our client’s every need and requirement.

Our operations include:

Solvent-based paint application

 Water borne paint application

 Thermoplastic marking application

 Raised profile Thermoplastic marking application

 Cold plastic application

 Supply and installation of road studs

 Specialty road furniture application

Baccher also provides a number of supporting services within the industry:

  • Removing of permanent or temporary road markings via Sandblasting or Waterblasting
  • Retro-reflective glass bead application
  • Retro-reflective reporting and testing services
  • Temporary road marking solutions

We are dedicated to delivering road marking services that promote safe and effective operations for all parties involved.

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